Monday, June 1, 2009

DIY: Ease the Burn of a Sunburn

Ever spending several hours out gardening and realize (too late, alas) that you've overdone it? Have you come inside from a pleasant outdoor afternoon only to realize that you're as red as a lobster? And twice as cranky? Well, that happened to me over the weekend.

As I came in from a pleasant afternoon, I noticed the deep dusky red of my shoulders, upper arms and chest. Ouch! But before I completely resigned myself to a week of discomfort and sleepless nights, my eyes alit on my aloe. Now, I have a big pot of aloe and normally it just stands around looking good.

However yesterday I decided to see if aloe works as well on sunburns as it does regular burns.

I quickly sliced off a couple of stalks, butterflied them and coated my upper body with aloe juice. I was able to coat most of the burns, missing only a few spots on the back of my neck.

The verdict? It worked! Although I'm still red, I have very little or no discomfort on the skin that was coated in aloe. In fact, the only area that's tender are those spots on the back of my neck that I missed in the first place.

The moral of the story? Aloe is a wonderful plant. It thrives in benign neglect and it repays the favor of occasional watering with wondrous relief!


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