Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eat More Illinois Food

A recent Illinois state task force recently concluded something that we here at Local Food in Northern Illinois have known all along: buying local isn't just good for the planet, or your health; it's good for our state economy too.

According to a recently published report by the Illinois Local and Organic Food and Farm Task Force, if Illinoisans purchased just 10% of their groceries from local farmers and producers, it could generate $20 - $30 billion in economic activity by 2030.

I love it when Main Street and Wall Street come together.

The task force also recommended:
  • That government set up infrastructure that makes it easier for farmers to get produce to the right people in the right condition.

  • That government help facilitate deals between Illinois farmers and potential customers including those who make chow for Illinois schools, hospitals,prisons, nursing homes, universities and more.

  • Improving health in the state by bringing fresh local produce to areas thatare overserved by fast food chains and underserved by greengrocers.

Support these bills as they move through the state legislature!

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